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Outdoor barbeque’s, playground equipment, patio furniture and safety equipment such as guardrails and stairway rails are just a few examples of products that are powder coated.

Though it appears painted on, it’s actually a dry finishing process. Electrostatically charged particles of pulverized pigment and resin are sprayed on to the surfaces of items that are electrically grounded, thereby attracting the dry charged particles like dust that sticks to a T.V.

These items are then placed in a curing oven or run through a infrared heat booth where the powder coating melts and fuses to the surface. The powder forms into a gel like substance before it drys so it doesn’t sag or drip like traditional paint. It also saves time drying since it doesn’t have to wait for solvents to evaporate. Not only is the process virtually pollution free, but there is also very little waste as the dry over spray can be recovered. Since it has almost no (VOC’s) the industry does not have to invest in costly pollution-control equipment, making powder coating extremely economical.

Powder Coating is resistant to chipping, and fading, dripping or sagging and  colors of a powder coated item will remain true for many years. High gloss and low gloss finishes, even metallic and clear finishes, make it an ideal choice for stadium chairs, railings and structural enforcements, tools, engine parts, golf clubs, carts, ski poles, pool equipment, computer cases, farm equipment, lighting fixtures, art sculptures, chopper frames and wheels, sport bikes and wheels, military equipment, lighting poles and fixtures, metal fencing and rails, engine parts, bumpers, grills, playground equipment, and the list goes on for days, California Coating is a family owned business which have been one of the pioneers of the industry. With almost 50 years of experience there is nothing we haven’t come across yet. Whether we powder coat your product, sandblast or give you a traditional paint job for you business or personal item, we look forward to meeting your needs. When it comes to Powder Coating California Coating “HAS GOT YOU COVERED”

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